Ascendancy or Surrender? The Harper Government’s Approach to Terrorism

February 1st 2015

Ascendancy or Surrender? The Harper Government’s Approach to Terrorism. (Written by Brandon Gabriel)

(photo by Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)
(photo by Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

I spent two weeks away from posting rants and reposting news stories onto my Facebook page; only checking in every once in awhile to inform friends and colleagues to contact me on my email address, and one posting of a painting I was wanting to put on the market.

In those two weeks I probably accomplished more then I did in a whole month prior, and I was more calm and relaxed then the preceding five months. I also avoided newspapers, nightly newscasts, and other mass media outlets. All in all, my mind was kept at ease, and my temper stayed relatively at bay and I avoided the obvious pitfalls of succumbing to over-exhausted cyber-arguments with bozos and dingbats, and avoided the all too common over-exploitative self-voyeurism that 1 in 7 humans on the planet are now engaged and enthralled with.

I have decided to keep going on this “media cleanse” of sorts. It’s becoming so hard to discern fact from fiction; journalism from propoganda; power and supression; and ascendancy from surrender.

The media stories that do seep into my life are not by accident. I’m sure the advertisers who want them to be seen ensure their messages reach their intended audiences. Take the Harper Government’s new “Anti-Terrorism Act” or BILL C-51 that was tabled in parliament on January 30th 2015.

If you have not read the fine print on that piece of legislation, you should! It will have a divisive affect on the general population and will function to curtail any opposing factions whose voices of opposition fill the pages of social media and other Internet communications. You will hear terms like “Eco-Terrorists”, and “Radicalized Canadians” used and thrown in the melting pot of hegemonic processes. We used to call these people “Hippies”, “concerned citizens”, and “critical thinkers.”

Are you sure you want to vote for these people in October 2015?

-Salish Conduit


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My name is Brandon Gabriel Kwelexwecten, I am a contemporary visual artist who specializes in graphic design, illustration, fine art, and raising a ruckus. All for the love and passion for my community and family.

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