Salish Conduit- new blog


January 25th 2015

Salish Conduit:

For years I have toiled away utilizing the fruitless and tiresome format of Facebook to get my messages across to wider audiences.

I would spend hours arguing with the same idiots. Each time they would walk away from the argument the same idiot, and I would walk away with the same angst that I had from the outset of my endeavors. Changing nothing. Progressing nowhere. Fruitless.

Never mind the constant inundation of cut and pasted inspirational quotes, passive agressive innuendos, and trite displays of colonial hegemonies.

On the other hand- there are a great many people out there who desire knowledge,  social change, and are willing to do the work (reading).

Salish Conduit blog is an inference to the people who I come from, and the “conduit” moniker underlies the importance of communication and the need for catharsis through creative endeavors. Conduits bring people, places, things, and ideas together.

I look forward to further correspondence with you.

Hey’ch’ke ey’siem

Brandon Gabriel Kwelexwecten