Rez Politics


Rez politics means we as Indigenous peoples are always fighting over power and control that doesnt really exist. So if that power doesn’t exist than why are there so many people in our communities who are earning exhorbitant amounts of salaries for a world of power that has not been realized?

Shouldn’t that money be used to build power and independance and not just adhere to middle-management of the Indian Act? I would argue or yell or scream that those monies are being mispent and allocated to the misguided and misinformed groups within the community and are dubiously rewarding people within a system that reperpetuates systemic oppression rather then tries to fight or mitigate that oppression.

It produces good results on paper and in formalized reporting procedures to colonizers, which is all the layers of bureaucracy really needs to cleave to show the banking system that their brand of genocide works. What about the massive refuse that is left off the books? These phenomena come in the forms of intergenerational nepotism, trauma, poverty, power imbalances, infighting, and absolutely zero capital gains, or even social gains that could create sustainable wealth. British Economist Adam Smith and Prussian socialist theorist Karl Marx are probably scratching their heads from their tombs and saying “WTF?! What did we do to these people?! This makes no sense!”

Solutions? (Sips coffee and takes a deep breath, and stretches neck muscles)

Have any of you seriously considered what a decolonial system would look like? Imagine band employees who work in these circumstances and under this hyperbolic closed system become educated by our band councils and become critically aware of their place in the engine of oppression? Then they can create a critical framework to move away from these cyclical and potentially violent upheavels that surface every once in awhile in our communities. Remember that violence and trauma in these instances are also by design by the society that upholds the reserve system and is not a result of innately violent and fanatical people who just mull about in our indigenous communities, these people are just fed up and know we can do better. I am one of those people who thinks we can do better.

Ignoring, surpressing, and blocking these necessary changes in indigenous communities by leaders only weakens and ruins the chances of liberation for the current and next generations of leaders. In fact, doing nothing doesn’t create leaders at all, it only creates more traumatized and stunted growth of each person enveloped in rez policies. Which means everyone becomes victimized, and everyone just takes turns at being the saviours and perpetrators of hurt and bad feelings on towards one another.

Peace and in pieces,

-Brandon Gabriel – k̓ʷələxʷəlstən


Kinder-Morgan Begins Test Drilling in Unceded Kwantlen Nation Territory

February 2nd 2015


Brandon Gabriel Kwelexwecten protesting on Burnaby Mointain- December 2014 (Photo by Stasia Garroway)

Kwantlen Nation Artist Brandon Gabriel Kwelexwecten is photographed at the Kinder-Morgan Pipeline protest on Burnaby Mountain in December 2014. (Photo by Stasia Garroway)

 Global oil giant Kinder-Morgan has now begun test drilling bore samples into the ground in Langley BC; on unceded Kwantlen Traditional Territory.

No official word has been spoken by the Kwantlen Nation. However the Township of Langley as well as Kinder-Morgan have issued public sstatements indicating locations, times, and dates of the aforementioned drilling.

“We will be conducting geotechnical testing near the Salmon River at 22926 Rawlison Crescent. The borehole locations are both on private property and will be approximately 1 to 2 meters apart.

We are conducting these studies to continue to develop detailed engineering on our proposed expansion corridor. This work will be similar to work that was completed in Chilliwack recently (2 locations in 2014) along the Vedder River and in other route communities where additional studies are required. The work will be completed by a portable track mounted drill rig. Drilling at the first location will commence January 28th and the second is planned for February 3rd.

The work is planned to occur up to 12 hours per day, including lighting (during dark times) for safety, and will take up to one week to complete. We will use the appropriate safety and security measures in overnight hours.” According to a joint Township of Langley and Kinder-Morgan public statement.

“Staff will be following up today to ensure compliance with applicable bylaws.” they wrote.

The proposed Trans-Mountain Oil Pipeline which will run through many municipalities and First Nations communities, including the Kwantlen Nation- has been a contentious issue over the past few years.

Opponents range in age, demographics, education levels, cultural backgrounds.


he outpouring of these people who made their way up to Burnaby Mountain this winter represent are rather large contingent of British Columbians who oppose the pipelines, who have argued that the dangers and proposed harmful environmental impacts will result in catastrophic environmental damage akin to the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill in Prince William Sound in 1989, which resulted in massive contamination and virtually no responsibility taken by any government agency or industry proponents.

More recently there have been other catastrophes like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, and smaller but equally catastrophic events in other important water estuaries across North America.

Be prepared to see more peaceful protests and heated arguments from citizenry across the province.

-(Salish Conduit.)

Ascendancy or Surrender? The Harper Government’s Approach to Terrorism

February 1st 2015

Ascendancy or Surrender? The Harper Government’s Approach to Terrorism. (Written by Brandon Gabriel)

(photo by Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)
(photo by Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

I spent two weeks away from posting rants and reposting news stories onto my Facebook page; only checking in every once in awhile to inform friends and colleagues to contact me on my email address, and one posting of a painting I was wanting to put on the market.

In those two weeks I probably accomplished more then I did in a whole month prior, and I was more calm and relaxed then the preceding five months. I also avoided newspapers, nightly newscasts, and other mass media outlets. All in all, my mind was kept at ease, and my temper stayed relatively at bay and I avoided the obvious pitfalls of succumbing to over-exhausted cyber-arguments with bozos and dingbats, and avoided the all too common over-exploitative self-voyeurism that 1 in 7 humans on the planet are now engaged and enthralled with.

I have decided to keep going on this “media cleanse” of sorts. It’s becoming so hard to discern fact from fiction; journalism from propoganda; power and supression; and ascendancy from surrender.

The media stories that do seep into my life are not by accident. I’m sure the advertisers who want them to be seen ensure their messages reach their intended audiences. Take the Harper Government’s new “Anti-Terrorism Act” or BILL C-51 that was tabled in parliament on January 30th 2015.

If you have not read the fine print on that piece of legislation, you should! It will have a divisive affect on the general population and will function to curtail any opposing factions whose voices of opposition fill the pages of social media and other Internet communications. You will hear terms like “Eco-Terrorists”, and “Radicalized Canadians” used and thrown in the melting pot of hegemonic processes. We used to call these people “Hippies”, “concerned citizens”, and “critical thinkers.”

Are you sure you want to vote for these people in October 2015?

-Salish Conduit

Salish Conduit- new blog


January 25th 2015

Salish Conduit:

For years I have toiled away utilizing the fruitless and tiresome format of Facebook to get my messages across to wider audiences.

I would spend hours arguing with the same idiots. Each time they would walk away from the argument the same idiot, and I would walk away with the same angst that I had from the outset of my endeavors. Changing nothing. Progressing nowhere. Fruitless.

Never mind the constant inundation of cut and pasted inspirational quotes, passive agressive innuendos, and trite displays of colonial hegemonies.

On the other hand- there are a great many people out there who desire knowledge,  social change, and are willing to do the work (reading).

Salish Conduit blog is an inference to the people who I come from, and the “conduit” moniker underlies the importance of communication and the need for catharsis through creative endeavors. Conduits bring people, places, things, and ideas together.

I look forward to further correspondence with you.

Hey’ch’ke ey’siem

Brandon Gabriel Kwelexwecten